Active members



Represented by Mats Olausson,  Senior Advisor, Climate and Sustainable Finance (elected Board member)


Represented by Karin Askelöf, Head of Responsible Investments at Handelsbanken Fonder


Represented by Ylva Hannestad, Deputy Head, Group Sustainable Finance (elected Board member)


Represented by Per Almesjö, Head of Corporate Solutions 

Danske Bank

Represented by Maria Simonson, Head of Societal Impact and Sustainability

Institutional investors



Represented by Helena Hagberg, Head of Sustainability (elected Board member Lars-Göran Orrevall, Head of Asset Management)

Swedish Church

Represented by Gunnela Hahn, Head of Sustainable and Responsible Investment


Impact Investors


Represented by Maria Björholt, CFO (elected Board member)



Represented by Anne Holm Rannaleet, Director


Leksell Social Ventures

Represented by Hugo Mörse, Director


The Lundin Foundation

Represented by Erin Johnston, CEO

Private Equity Investors

Summa Equity

Represented by Helena Fagraeus Lundström, Head of Via Equity

Trill Impact

Represented by Pia Irell, Impact Partner

Incubators and accelerators


Reach for Change

Represented by Nicklas Wallberg, Head of Sweden (elected Board member)


Represented by Jan Abrahamsson, General Manager



Represented by Johan Rippe, Vice President (elected Chairman of the Board)



Represented by Jenny Carenco, CEO (elected Secretary of the Board) 

Ramboll Management Consulting

Represented by Klara Denckert, Manager

Impact Invest Scandinavia
Represented by Ruth Brännvall, CEO


Not-for-profit sector


Rädda Barnen (Save the Children Sweden)

Represented by Johannes Nilsson, Secretary General and Magnus Kjellberg, Head of Corporate Partnerships



Represented by Johan Oljeqvist, CEO (elected Board member)r

SOS Barnbyar

Represented by Charlotte Köhler Lindahl, Director Social Investment Relations

Microfonden Sverige

Represented by Ylva Lundkvist Fridh, CEO

Swedish Red Cross
Represented by Anna Beck de Francesco, Responsible New Financial Instruments


Malmö Universitet

Represented by Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz, Pro Vice Chancellor (elected Board member)

Mötesplats Social Innovation
Represented by Hanna Sigsjö, Director

Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
Represented by Alberto Corti, Head of Partnerships and Development

Supporting members

Institutional investors


Represented by Peter Lööw, Head of Responsible Investments

Impact Investors

Blue Orchard Impact Investment Managers

Represented by Shawn Westcott, Head of Business development Nordics

responsAbility Nordics

Represented by Per Haagensen, CEO

Fembris Ventures

Represented by Boel Swartling, Founder

Public sector financing


Represented by Björn Bergstrand, Head of Sustainability

Social Enterprises


Represented by Parham Shafti, Founder

Working for Change

Represented by Rodrigo Garay

Incubators and accelerators


Represented by Filip Goldmann, Business Development Manager


Phenix Capital

Represented by Irène Mastelli, Director


SONACRepresented by Sophie Nachemsson-Ekvall, Scientific Researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics


Public authorities

Vinnova, Swedish Innovation Authority

Represented by Judit Wefer, Program Manager Social Innovation, (elected Board member Kjell Håkan Närfelt, Chief Strategy Advisor)

Tillväxtverket, Swedish Authority for Growth

Represented by Corinne Uppmann Helminen, Head of Business Finance

Region Stockholm
Represented by Frida Korneliusson, CEO, SLL Internfinans (elected Board member)


Represented by Erika Hanses, Upphandlingsjurist


Represented by Sasan Shaba, Affärsutvecklare

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